The Bengals were 0-for-3 in the red zone and were also 4-for-15 on third downs.

As I’ve written before, philosophy is just as important as the rules in officiating a football game. What people call “ticky tack” fouls like this aren’t called, even though the block can be taken into account when assessing a possible foul by King.

Regardless, Fowler and Broncos fans are simply incorrect about claims of defensive pass interference, because the action did not meet the qualifications for DPI.

The Bengals were 0-for-3 in the red zone and were also 4-for-15 on third downs.

Sure, execution is a problem, but let’s not overlook more obvious issues. The offensive line is terrible. It’s clear just how much it misses left tackle Andrew Whitworth. The offensive scheme made things worse.

J.J. Watt had six pressures on Andy Dalton, and despite the fact that it was, you know, J.J. Watt coming after the quarterback, there were times where the Bengals made the decision not to double him or leave a tight end on him. Some plays, they didn’t even seem all that concerned with blocking him.

At least Andy Dalton didn’t throw any picks! But he was still horrible!

A.J. Green, one of the team’s only good offensive players, commented after the game how Dalton couldn’t get him the ball. His solution to the Bengals’ offensive problems was to “… find a way to get our playmakers the ball.”

Cleveland Indian Jay Bruce, a Beaumont native, and his wife Hannah are matching donations up to $100,000 towards Harvey relief through September 10th to help Southeast Texas communities.

So far, fans have contributed $18,000 to Cleveland Indians Charities which is all going towards hurricane-related aid in Texas through the same date in Texas. A quick look at Bruce’s social media reveals how important these efforts are for him.
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