Fan who helped find Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jerseys gets front-row seats to Patriots’ season opener

Dylan Wagner, the superfan who helped find Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jerseys, is being rewarded with front row seats to the Patriots’ season opener.
A 19-year-old sports memorabilia collector who helped find Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jerseys is getting quite the big reward.

Wagner came to Gillette Stadium early Thursday morning for the release of the new Robert Kraft shoe at the Patriots pro shop and was instantly recognized.

“I think it’s great for the sport. I like that it’s not the normal jersey, that its a different jersey entirely. I like that people can show their individualism. I went with Ro. It’s supposed to be a nickname going on the jersey and that’s my actual nickname. Some people came up with some other stuff, but I didn’t know what else to put on there.

I can see some people having an issue with this because the Yankees have never changed uniforms, but everyone is doing it. I believe in tradition, too, but because it’s a different jersey, I’m excited to see what other people do. It’s supposed to be fun and I hope it is. I like the jersey, too. It looks cool. It’s a little different. I know some people are going to have issues, but it’s just for fun.”

Dylan Wagner, 19, lives in Seattle, but he’s an avid jersey collector and that hobby helped investigators track down the missing Brady jerseys earlier this year, as the WBZ I-Team first reported.

Mexican authorities searched the property of tabloid journalist Martin Mauricio Ortega, where they found the jersey, along with a Brady jersey that disappeared after the 2015 Super Bowl. A Denver Broncos helmet also was found.

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